Upcycling-projekte: Pallets


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Pallets: Upcycling projects offers 33 DIY pallet items where the humble pallet is transformed into affordable, practical and eco-friendly furniture, decor, toys, garden products and gifts. Upcycling is the term that is used for the creative recycling of discarded materials or unusable or unwanted items to create new products.
The book is packed with full-colour photos and easy to follow step-by-step instructions – from how to dismantle the raw pallet and how to plan and build your own projects, to paint techniques to finish off your products. The difficulty of the projects varies, so the book is ideal for beginner crafters and DIY enthusiasts with more advanced skills. Some of the projects include: a wine rack, garden tool rack, coffee table, easy chair, trousseau chest, book case, vegetable rack, photo frame, planters, toy kitchen, trolley and playhouse.
Jason Kobrowisky is an experienced furniture designer and wood worker who owns a furniture factory in Johannesburg. Wood, and especially reclaiming wood, lies close to his heart, and he is very fond of creating something beautiful and new out of discarded wood.

Jason Kobrowisky