Under water


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Can she raise a sibling and finish school? When her beloved grandmother dies, 17-year-old Khosi must learn to survive on her own. She has to take care of her little sister, Zi, while making a living as a traditional healer, and somehow try to finish school. When violence flares up again in Imbali, the township near Pietermaritzburg, Khosi finds herself at the centre of the storm. A taxi war threatens the safety of every person in Imbali, including Khosi's best friend and boyfriend, Little Man. The body of a murdered man is dumped on her doorstep. Accusations of witchcraft swirl around her, despite her every effort to keep her healing practice above board. When Little Man chooses the wrong path, Khosi builds a new romance, but her past might catch up with her. This is the sequel to Powers' award-winning novel This Thing Called the Future. In Under Water, we meet Khosi three years after the end of the first book. Can Khosi be a part of change in her community? And can she raise her sister while finishing school? There are few young-adult books that deal with raising a sibling. This one tackles that situation head on. Under Water is the sequel to This Thing Called the Future, a multiple-award-winning young-adult book that is being published in South Africa at the same time as Under Water. In the first book Khosi hears about, and experiences, feelings of being trapped under water while the ancestors try to speak to her. The sequel explains her journey into the future.

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