The New Manager's Tool Kit: 21 Things You Need To Know To Hit The Ground Running (Softcover)

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Novice managers have their work cut out for them: all new skills to learn, different personalities to deal with, and greater responsibilities to fulfill. In The New Manager's Tool Kit, authors Don and Sheryl Grimme provide a fresh, friendly approach to tackling the challenges of management and leveraging your new position to help your organization succeed. This go-to guidebook provides readers with fast, powerful lessons to help them: increase productivity; unlock hidden talent; work with different types of people; communicate effectively; diagnose problems; coach both good and problematic employees; encourage teamwork; avoid burnout; eliminate conflict; and nurture the next generation of managers. With lessons covering both basic management skills as well as more advanced leadership tactics and bonus tips to help managers overcome the most difficult leadership challenges, this book provides those charged with managing and leading others the tools and real-world knowledge they need to succeed and open themselves up for further advancement.

Don Grimme,Sheryl Grimme