The Farm


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Eight Hours
Minute by Minute
Somewhere in South Africa, another farm comes under heavy attack. No shooters in sight. Only one thing is certain: The attackers are savagely resolute.
A diverse group of people barricade themselves inside the farmhouse: women, men, and children; bosses and workers; blacks and whites; a police officer; random visitors. Who is the target of the attack? What has motivated it? Politics? Revenge? Greed? Drugs? Weapons? Do the people outside know more than those indoors? Who are these snipers, trying to operate in the dark of night? Who will die, who will survive? Who is pulling the strings? Who will be the winners, who will be the losers?
And how long can eight hours actually be?
Eight hours, minute by minute. Constant changes in perspective, piercing precision; this is an explosive mixture of a psychological thriller, with a twist of Neo-Western and a deep political subtext.

Cape Winner of the 2015 German Crime Prize, Max Annas' taut, terse novel is based on the foundational premise behind John Carpenter's iconic film Assault on Precinct 13. The resulting work is a highly concentrated piece of literature.

Max Annas