Pearls Of Wisdom (Flexcover)

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From the pen of inspirational writer Angelique du Toit comes this 366-day devotional. Aimed at empowering, encouraging and motivating women through the wisdom found in God’s Word, Pearls of Wisdom is a beautiful blend of timeless truths for us who live in a time unlike any other.
God detailed His Word so that His intentions could be applied throughout the ages. Each generation would have insight and understanding to live with purpose in their window of time. Our one life on earth is the only opportunity we have to live it well. Heaven is our destination. Our destiny is what we contribute while we are living on earth. Enjoy the transformational journey of divine exchange!

The uniqueness of this devotional lies in the words of Jesus, the treasure trove of Proverbs and the eternal Word of God, all combined with a common-sense approach to modern-day living. These gems will guide your heart through the marvelous light and dark shades of the mosaic of your life. “When we walk in His way, His benefits are beyond compare. Yes, we truly can experience the love, joy, peace, hope, abundance, success and righteousness of the kingdom of God here on earth,” says Angelique.

Angelique Du Toit