Learn to Read (Level 1) : 9 Tippie and the frog


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Learning to read is super easy with Tippie the elephant.
Each story is unique, interesting and the text is always supported by colourful, engaging illustrations that will aid comprehension.
Tippie experiences modern day adventures in each book whilst staying true to typical child development. These sequential reading books were designed with a focus on sound development, linking sounds and letters as well as building success and self-confidence in reading. The first ten books in the series focus on short vowels, simple consonants, blends and sight words.
Titles in Level 1:
1. Tippie and the cat
2. Tippie and the hen
3. Tippie and Fin jig
4. Tippie the cop
5. Tippie and Mum
6. Tippie likes to rap
7. Tippie and the vet
8. Tippie and Fin swim
9. Tippie and the frog
10. Tippie and the bug

The Afrikaans Leer my lees series has proven extremely popular for early readers, being widely used by parents and teachers. This series is now available in English to aid children in learning to read English as a first or additional language.
Each book contains: - A short, simple and fun story aimed at the development of reading skills - Colourful, child-friendly illustrations - Lists with vocabulary and singular and plural; comprehension questions and “complete the sentences” based on the story. - These all enable the parent, teacher or therapist to establish vocabulary and comprehension in a fun way.
The mother and daughter writing team have decades of combined teaching experience.

J Palmer,R Lombard