King Shaka: Zulu legend


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It is a time of triumph - and looming danger From the award-winning Luke Molver comes a new graphic novel that will continue to make South African history fun and interesting. The defeat of the slave-trading clans, as seen in Shaka Rising, was a good thing for the Zulu kingdom, but a dangerous new tide of colonisation was rising as foreign fortune hunters arrived from across the sea. Even within King Shaka's own lands, treachery loomed, threatening the balance of power. King Shaka is the second graphic novel featuring one of our biggest African heroes. We walk with him as he faces new challenges in a changing world, while he strives to shield his people from danger. The foreword of this colourful book is written by Dr Sibongiseni Mkhize, Chief Executive Officer of the South African State Theatre in Pretoria. This is the second graphic novel in the African Graphic Novel Series, created by the Pietermaritzburg-based consortium Story Press Africa, published by Catalyst Press, and distributed by LAPA. During May 2019, the first book in the series, Shaka Rising: A Legend of the Warrior Prince, won a major award in the USA. It was named a 2019 Honor Book by the Children's Africana Book Awards.

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