Just in Case You Ever Wonder (Board Book)

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"Long, long ago God made a decision - a very important decision. One that I'm really glad He made. He made the decision to make you. . ." The opening lines of Max Lucado's classic book Just in Case You Ever Wonder have made their way into families, story times, and hearts around the world. This award-winning book about the love between a parent and child has sold more than 1.7 million copies, touching lives for more than 25 years. Now Lucado's heartfelt assurances of a parent's love are paired with Eve Tharlet's breathtaking artwork to reach a whole new generation.
Written especially for children ages 3-7, Just in Case You Ever Wonder is inspiring for all ages, as it reminds readers of Jesus' love for them: "Remember I'm here for you. On dark nights when you hear noises in your closet, call me. On hard days when kids are mean and don't treat you like they should, come to me."

The timeless reminder of the love between a parent and a child - and ultimately, between God the Father and His children - will always hold a special place in readers' hearts and homes. Readers who loved Just in Case You Ever Wonder as a child will welcome the opportunity to give this updated edition to their children. This richly illustrated book is also an ideal way for grandparents to pass on their faith and love to their grandchildren or as an encouragement to any child needing a reminder of God's love. This book assures children of God's love throughout all their experiences, such as fear of the dark, being bullied, and even assurance that their parent was with them when they were first born and will be with them in heaven.

Children long to hear they're special and loved. Just in Case You Ever Wonder assures them that as they grow and change, in both good and bad times, their parents - and their heavenly Father - will always be on their side . . . just in case they ever wonder.

Max Lucado