Clover Food Nostalgia


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The way your mom and granny cooked!
Most of us have fond memories linked to food. It could be a favourite dish made by a beloved granny or aunt, or a special aroma that takes us right back to a time and place when life was just so very perfect. In Clover Food Nostalgia, we set out to bring you 55 of these magical recipes… dishes that will help you remember the best moments from your childhood or your life, and that will remain in the minds of your guests for years to come! This is the nineteenth Clover recipe book I’ve had the privilege of compiling, and between you and me, I think it’s one of our very best to date! It features those recipes everyone is after… you know, the recipes that bring in the compliments, confirm your status as a top-notch baker, and ensure jaw-dropping results every single time. Once again, all recipes feature Way Better Clover products that are known for their superior quality, and that you may already have on hand in the kitchen cupboard or pantry. Cooking and baking mouth-watering dishes have never been so easy or affordable! Another treat is that this time round we have photographed all 55 dishes – taking the guesswork out of how the end results are supposed to look. And to whet your appetite even more, of course. Clover Food Nostalgia is one of those cookbooks you will want to pass on to future generations, and Clover is proud to be a part of this tasty legacy. May this book help you to make more precious memories through your cooking and baking!