Cape Town: A place between


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If you could read only one book about Cape Town – to truly understand it, to glimpse its soul – which would it be?
An unflinching portrayal of an enigmatic metropolis drawing on Trotter’s experiences with prostitutes, sailors, minstrels, professors, pupils, gangsters, politicians, and ‘poo-throwing’ protestors.
An incisive mix of travel narrative, literary non-fiction, and personal memoir, this book reveals the often hidden contradictory realities of Cape Town, a place between two oceans, between first and third worlds, between east and west. The majority of its citizens: a people between black and white, native and settler, African and European.
How can we understand a city that is most assuredly in Africa, though not—seemingly—of it?
By exploring this city’s tween-ness, we can begin to understand the soul of this town—haunted by its past, unsure of its future.
A short book just over 100 pages, it allows readers to quickly identify the unique pulse of the city, its throbbing historical, social, cultural and political beat that underlies the transactions between all Capetonians.
This is not a substitute for a traditional guidebook, but a perfect companion to one, filling in the intimate details that other books leave out.

Cape Town: A Place Between is the first of the Intimate Geographies series. It provides just the right amount of insight for locals and visitors to understand the deeper meanings of their experiences in the Mother City. Each title in the Intimate Geographies Series provides a personal, idiosyncratic, in-depth portrayal of a place, filtered through the experiences of an individual who has lived there, knows it, understands it, has a powerful relationship with it. Future volumes will feature other intense portrayals of compelling off-beat cities around the globe.

Henry Trotter